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Sweden Minister of Infrastructure on visit

Today we were honoured to host the Swedish Minister of Infrastructure, Tomas Eneroth.

It was a rewarding meeting with engaged discussions on the conditions for large-scale implementation of wireless ERS - technical, policy and economic. What obstacles must we overcome to achieve the climate goals quickly enough? We are pleased to have the government's interest and are looking forward to provide them with an important knowledge base in the process. Moving forward towards fossil free and cost effective transports!

Eneroth made it clear that there is a strong will to maintain Sweden's lead regarding electric roads, as the international interest to explore and invest in wireless ERS is ever increasing.

The minister was also kind enough to sign the first mass-produced coil that will be put into the ground at SmartRoad Gotland next week. And of course he went for a ride in our fully electric truck, to experience the silence and the rapid acceleration an electric motor provides even in a heavy truck.

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