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Interview with the program manager of electric roads at Swedish Transport Administration

Some quotes:

"Investments in major electric road developments, with the assumptions of traffic volume for heavy traffic that we have made, can be both socially and business economically profitable in the longer term and result in a significant reduction in CO2 emissions."

"We will build a facility and develop a system as a whole with business model, power supply system, payment, security, legal, etc. We do this together with other actors such as hauliers, the automotive industry, electricity companies, other authorities and others. That collaboration has been going on for a while and has come a good way".

"By combining longer main road routes with shorter road routes as well as charging stations, it may be possible to cover a larger area than we initially assumed. A combination of dynamic charging, ie charging while traveling, and stationary, via charging poles, would mean that we can electrify a larger proportion of heavy traffic."

"We have been studying electric road issues for several years now and can see that new challenges are constantly emerging. One area that is particularly important to clarify is issues that concern laws and regulations.

We also need a electric grid that can deliver power where it is needed and we need more knowledge about what it means for both consumption and production of electricity."

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