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Electreon wireless selected by Sweden to build a first of its kind wireless electric road

The Swedish road administration (Trafikverket) announced today that a consortium led by Electreon AB (A fully owned Swedish subsidiary of Electreon wireless) has been selected to build the first wireless electric road (E-Road) in the world to test both an electric Truck (E-Truck) and an electric Bus (E-Bus) charged from the E-road. The 1.2 km long E-road will be deployed between the airport and city center of Visby on the island of Gotland and the E-bus will provide shuttle services to the public. The total budget of the project is $11.6M, $9M to be financed by Trafikverket and the rest by the consortium as in-kind.

The project is a step towards implementing the Swedish government E-road roadmap. The roadmap includes future deployment of about 2,000 km of E-roads on highways in a multi-billion project charging heavy E-trucks. The Electreon solution has the potential to electrify E-truck fleets in a cost effective manner without using large batteries or stopping for charging and with no visual or environmental impact.

Oren Ezer, CEO of Electreon – "We are very excited to be part of Trafikverket grand plan for testing and implementing ERS. Sweden is a global leader in the field and once the concept is proven in Sweden, we are sure the world will follow. We believe that wireless ERS is the best ERS alternative, and Electreon, together with our partners, will prove, through the Gotland pilot, that our technology has huge benefits and is market ready"

The consortium includes Swedish entities such as EiTech, a subsidiary of Vinchi, one of the world's biggest construction companies, RISE - a leading Research Institutes in the field of electric roads, Matters group, a consultancy that will be responsible for communication and PR, Gotland Ring, GEAB, the local electric utility owned by Vattenfall, OSAB - a local road construction company, Flygbussarna a local public transportation operator owned by TransDev, formerly Veolia TransDev, a French-based international public transport operator, with operations in 20 countries, Swedavia - the Swedish airport authority.

Dan transport, Israel's leading bus operator and a strategic investor in Electreon will provide a HIGER E-Bus based on Super capacitor, E-Force, a Swiss manufacture of all electric trucks will supply an EF18 E-truck and Hutchinson; a leading French manufacture will manufacture the underground coils.

In order to prepare the ground for future large-scale projects, a reference group was established that consists of leading Swedish and multinational entities that will follow the project and evaluate the technology. Among the entities that confirmed participation are Vattenfall, a Swedish power company, owned by the Swedish state, generating power also in Denmark, Finland, Germany, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom, Scania, a major Swedish manufacturer of commercial vehicles – specifically heavy trucks and buses, Stockholm City,

Electreon wireless has recently started a pilot project also in Tel Aviv that will demonstrate the application of the solution in the urban environment, initially charging city buses, followed by other types of EVs with a future focus on enabling optimal operation of autonomous electric public transportation. The pilot is conducted with the Israeli ministries of transportation and energy and the Tel-Aviv municipality that aims to turn the city, which is a global innovation hub, to the first wireless E-road city in the world.

About Electreon - Electreon Wireless is an Israeli publicly-traded company developing DWPT (Dynamic wireless power transfer) technology. The technology enables a shared infrastructure that significantly reduced the need to charge vehicle's battery during day/overnight and decreases the size of the battery, it can support any type of EV - Buses, Trucks, passengers and is especially suitable for autonomous EVs.  Electreon is a global leader in the field due to deep technological capabilities and its focus on making the technology cost effective, durable and efficient.

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